As with his Voyageurs who journey around the world, Cédric Le Borgne invites everyone to view daily life in a fresh way, to rise up, to dream. By abolishing barriers, his work of exploring spaces is sensitive, his poetry subtly interacts with each place it comments upon. From sculptures made of chicken wire to photo or video, from perennial installations to spontaneous performance, from street-art to web-art, his work is free of formal constraints.

« I work with the real and from the real »
Above all, Cédric Le Borgne seeks to integrate his work within movement, time and space, a living context, without preconceived ideas on the nature of the spaces he works with: interiors, exteriors, hyper-centers, suburbs, wasteland….each have their own qualities… their own poetry, different dimensions, visible or invisible, to offer. 
The environment, in its vast and many faceted reality, offers the artist an infinite field of exploration. Nature, whether luxurious or arid, and present in his first works (paintings, engravings – Origines), remains a subject of inspiration and concern (« La biodiversité rend heureux »).
 Urban space, so mundane, also becomes a creative playground: here, more so than elsewhere, the artist is integrated in reality, his reality, in the reality of the city: sometimes beautiful, sometimes sordid. He purifies and transcends it, but his statement is not uniquely esthetic nor sensitive, it is also social and political: the city is the territory of « living together ».

The artist actor in the city points to the contradictions, rubs up against opinions, questions consciences, but also invites encounters, dialogue, exchange. Le Fauteuil, a performance using a window, looks at the intimacy and interactivity of the street by creating unpredictable encounters with and between passers by.
It was from this experience that the installation Les Naufragés was born: Cédric Le Borgne sees a homeless woman in the street, mute, crouched into the posture of a monkey. She resembles an immobile statue. He then went on to undertake a work on exclusion, solitude, depression. 
He is engaged in the intimate exploration of the human soul, to its last strongholds, its labyrinths, its weaknesses.

J34 Toulouse-Genève, realized with the Swiss artist Muriel Décaillet, and in which daily photographs are exchanged by email, illustrates this intropective work whilst demonstrating the vast possibilities of « web-art ». Similarly, the Viens m’embrasser installation uses many techniques using a moving mise en scène that invokes affective dissolution.

Cédric Le Borgne is a perfectionist, an intransigent artist who also works within the dimension of time; he takes the time to research and feel, time to imagine, create; his works invite contemplation, meditation, questioning or will surprise during a fleeting moment, the surprise of an unexpected emotion, the turning of a street corner.
He wishes to be accessible, open to sharing; he does not hesitate to invest in practical workshops, with children and teenagers, (Me my friends my city) or with psychiatric hospital patients (« La biodiversité rend heureux »), with as much passion and conviction as when he’s installing his Voyageurs on the Pont de la Machine in Geneva or in Namsan Park in Seoul.
His precise mise en scène and lighting techniques give his chicken wire characters life, a special magic. The transparency of the material creates a total cohesion with the decor, freeing all constraints.

Cédric Le Borgne’s art opens the eye, offers the possibility of a connection, subtle and free, between the sky and the earth, between dream and reality, the poetry of daily life.